Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Spring.... is just around the corner!

I can't quite believe we are coming in to September...... but it's happening and I like it! Winter is alright for a month or so but Sydney doesn't really deal well with the wet, cold side of things and I've been ill for most of it- so bring on the warmer months, it's time to awaken the spirit!

I thought I would put together some simple ideas to freshen up you little one's space for under $130. Also have put some great gift ideas in there too, as Spring is synonymous with new life ie. baby showers!

1. Cactus wall deals by Love Mae a set of 30 for $59.95

2. Baby Journal with optional custom name inscriptions and wooden box from Laikonik for $85

3. Lush velvet Beanbag art series collection from Kip and Co

4. Cotton lightweight baby blanket by Kate and Kate for $109

5. Mocka's vintage inspired bed frames for $129 (BARGIN ALERT!) that come in an array of funky neon colours

6. Flower felt garlands by Taylor and Cloth for just $35

7. Sunshine and Lollipops print by Sprout and Sparrow for $20

8. Or how about a a couple of daffodils in some jars- simply devine!

Happy Spring beauties xx