Saturday, 15 June 2013


This week we are looking at wonderful world of cots....

Whether you decide to update a family relic or invest in a new multi-functional cot, there are some real beauties out there.

1. Revamped wooden crib: 

Your cot may be old but that doesn't mean it has to be daggy.... This gem has been given new life simply by surrounding it with cool things! The chalk wall & storage box filled with cute things, ooze that cool retro vibe & assures it will remain a treasured family heirloom.

2. Floating cloud

This dreamy bassinet may not be the most functional of choices but it still gets my imagination pumping when I think of the possibilities of cosy sleeping options for bubs.


A personal favourite of mine; this simple, funky cot is timeless & will pave the way for your babies cool style!
buy it here: Clancy cot

4. Nifty Clear 

If you're tired of the same old looking gated cots than this baby is for you, combines a modern clean look with eco friendly materials this cot provides parents with the unique ability to see straight in to their sleeping (hopefully) child. Oh yes, it also converts easily to a junior bed; nice!
to find your closest store of Ubabub treasures look: Ubabub stockists

5.  Totally Stokked 

The Norwegians just have a knack for designing cool stuff don't they? I love this clever cot, Stokke ensure that all of their products are functional & long lasting, this one is made to last from birth to 10 years of age!! That's right, TEN years... so when you weigh all the factors of bedding your child for 10 years, it may be well worth the upfront cost of around $1200
Nearest store: Stokke

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Rug-tastic West Elm

Ever since I saw this nursery in Appartment Therapy's blog I've been crushing on it....

Maybe it jumped out at me as I also choose the amazing Hygge & West's wallpaper for my daughters room and have fallen more in love with it ever since! I've been trying to source the perfect rug for a client & now that West & Elm have opened a store in Sydney i can finally find it in store no online postage too yay!

I think either of these would look fantastic in a nursery or child's room

The good news is is that the smaller you order the cheaper it gets! Yay for little spaces check them out here:  

Saturday, 1 June 2013


This week: Finders Keepers Markets

Thought we would feature a list from the incredible Finders Keepers Markets that were on in Sydney this weekend. It sure was a fantastic collection of up & coming designers, delicious food trucks and chilled out tunes. I found some little gems that will be sure to feature in Bright Designs very soon......

1. Cute prints & cards 

2. Cool Cushions

3. Wall art

4.  Adorable softies

5.  Light boxes