Saturday, 25 May 2013

Top 5 picks of the week:

to end your week I will be hand-picking a cute assortment of goodies that I think you might enjoy, with different themes to boot!

This week is retro baby:
Yes I admit, I may have watched the first Austin Powers movie recently, corny? yes. good? no.... yet i found myself frantically searching for cool retro kids stuff ever since. After all is said & done we are supposed to be bringing fun & colour into our little ones lives, nothing does fun like the 60's & 70's!

1. Tripped out sunnies

2. Kitted out craft idea

3. Groovy art

4.  spot-spotty sheet

5. The essential 60's piece...The Lava lamp 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Lighting Up the room

Lighting in a child's room is extremely important: it can affect their mood, allow them to concentrate or send them off to la-la land if you're lucky! You'll have to think about what your child will be doing in their room, studying,  playing or having quiet time and then allow a few different choices to compliment these; lamps, wall and ceiling lighting and also the all important natural light ie windows or skylights.

Here are some examples of various ways to use light to your advantage:

The classic ikea wall light can set up a perfect nights sleep for a baby

Using a bit of imagination (& enviable high ceilings) you can choose coloured glass to add an element of fun to a large playspace.

It's often a dream for a kid to have their own attic bedroom, this example uses the pitch to include more light & also watch the stars above at night, ahhhh!

Jonathan Adler does fantastic table lamps easy to fit in to any child's décor

LED lights have been proven a highly powerful  light source yet gentle on the eyes. The ability to change the direction of light is handy when doing various study projects, and it is also becoming more sustainable & cost efficent.