Saturday, 14 September 2013

DIY Projects for Spring!

The weather is all over the place here in Sydney, one day it's excruciatingly hot & the next it's windy & rainy... I find it reassuring to have a few little projects (perhaps the correct term is experiments, most of the time) going to keep me busy & expand my craftiness.
There's so many cool things you can now teach yourself off the internet the more you look, the more there is! Not only does it save you cold hard cash but creating or improving your own stuff makes you feel empowered, it gives you a better understanding of how things work & you are left with a really unique piece, that will have it's own story to tell for years to come. It's also a great way to get your child to discover that they're able to make their own things & tap into their creativity & logic. And lastly it can be a very sentimental gift to people you care about, that's to say that your end product is ok!

I looked high & low for some of my favourite DIY projects that might improve your child's room, nursery or make a great baby shower gift.

Shadow Puppets!
Easy & cheap to make, this handy little printout is so much fun to play with. It could definitely become a nightly tradition in your house (& in mine too one day) & you can just keep creating your own wacky shadow characters, that might pop up in your bedtime story.

Cloud Light
This project is a little more challenging (impossible unless you translate it to english too :) but the result is pretty impressive and the total cost of materials is around $60 & will take you about 3 hours to complete.

Cardboard Playhouse
Who doesn't like a good old cardboard box? the possibilities are endless, i scoured around many sites but was drawn to these 2 houses:
This is the perfect project to keep little munchkins busy on a rainy day (like today) they can sit and plan it for days before too.... check it out!!

The simplicity of this wee house struck me and also the fact it folds down for storage.... Please note my slight obsession with Washi Tape---  That stuff is dope. 

The Modern Dreamcatcher
This makes a beautiful present for someone special; I love the meaning behind what a dreamcatcher represents and it's refreshing to see one without so many feathers & bits! The process of making it is very cathartic and I really loved the result.

Sock Monkey
Every kid should have a pal made from an old sock right? These 2 guys are best buds and you can really let your imagination go wild with funky accessories or trendy fashion for them.

Beautiful Geometric Mobile
So many mobile to choose from why not have a go at making your own? I found this on trend geometric one encompassing origami & craft together, you could change the palette to suit your bubs room easily!

Gypsy Tent
Anther popular way to create a special hiding spot for your koala right now is the tepee! They are on sale all over the place but I've noticed most have a pretty hefty price tag, with this one you just need a few bits of timber & a piece of crocheted material>>  ie nanna's old tablecloth!

Stenciled Wall
I love the wallpaper in our daughters room but I must say it wasn't cheap and it sure was a tricky process, so on finding this tutorial I can't wait to try it out......

Raindrop Cushion
I choose this cute sewing experiment as it is at a beginners level! I'll let you know when I'm finished.... It will make a really special present & add an extra bit of sweetness to someone's bed no doubt.

Hope these might inspire you to start a few of your own projects let me know if you do! Would love to hear how they go..... xx