Saturday, 20 July 2013

Top 5 Picks!

We are smack bang in the middle of Winter & damn if it isn't  ICE-y? Might be best to focus on making our little ones as snug and cosy as possible....

1. Cloud Cushions

Float away to another planet aboard this cute cloud pillow, perfect for cuddling & making bedtime fun

2. Merino Blankets

This soft and funky throw will no doubt keep someone bundled up nice and warm also the great colours should add a sunny warm glow

3. Hot Meercat

Every kid needs their own warm meerkat to cuddle up to right?! Well, this guy will do just fine; made for the 3+ year old it's sure to cheer them up when the cold gets them down.

4. Dinosaur jacket

I need one of these babies for myself!! Crafted entirely of felt and wool this amazing coat may be a challenge to get off.

5. Night Light

Never underestimate the power of lights for kids! Although cute and a bit of fun these lights can make them feel safer if fear of the dark is an issue.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Top 5 picks of the... month!!

So growing up is hard sometimes isn't it? Reaching huge milestones and developing skills (almost everyday for toddlers) is a lot to take on. As a parent you want your child's room to help this process and provide a place of solace but also inspire some imagination, so this month we look at the ideas of themed rooms. It's a bit daunting looking at the kaleidoscope of "themes" happening out there, a little too jam packed. Often it's easier to go with a simple colour theme but we hand picked a few simple but effective themes that might challenge you a bit and get your creative juices following.....

1) Round the world room

This cute 4 year old's room is kept simple with the collection of cool vintage maps on one wall & ties well with the splashes of red, just the right amount of theme here.

2) Circus wild room

Feel the life bouncing out of this room, there's a certain method to the madness of matching the stripes, zigzags and colour pops see more here

3) Cartoonish room

If you are wanting to try out the bold concept of cartoon wallpaper this black and white village may blend in more with cute white furniture and bright toys, done by Mr Perswell

4) African safari

Subtlety is mastered here by balancing a neutral palette with dabs of safari dreaming put together by the amazing New York design duo at Sissy & Marley

5) Rainbow bright


Rainbows are a popular way to introduce colour but can be very overwhelming in a small space; i really like the way that this room doesn't overdo it and also manges to fit in a special castle tower!! How fun would that be to sit in & read your favourite fairy tales? A DIY breakdown can be found on this fab Swedish blog

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Peek-a boo Henry

I recently interviewed a new(ish) mum & fantastic friend about her experience decorating her first child's room, it can be a little daunting to take this task on before knowing what you are even doing as a mum but Melissa did an incredible job.

1     Where did you draw inspiration from to design the room?
Mostly from the internet, boutique baby shops, vintage shops and other friend’s nurseries

2    Was there a theme to the room? If so how did you execute it?
Definitely! We didn’t find out the sex of our baby so I wanted the nursery to be unisex but with plenty of character. I’d seen decals on etsy before and loved the idea of the nursery being filled with fun shapes and colours as well as images that would allow my child to use their imagination as they grew so an animal theme felt perfect.  The walls are covered with a gorgeous big tree, monkeys, birds and a giraffe. Now that Henry is a 1 the first thing he does every time he wakes up is points and waves to his animals, I love how much joy he gets from them! I also wanted the main base colour to be white and chose all white furniture to reflect this. I have always been interested in vintage furniture so tried to choose vintage or vintage inspired pieces where possible as long as they were also functional as I was working within a small space.

3      Did you know the sex of the child before planning the design, & did this affect the colour scheme?
No I didn’t and that totally influenced it as I wanted something gender neutral and felt white accents created the perfect blank canvas for the room. The decals are very colorful too so work well on white and we plan to change them to a “boy” theme as Henry grows up and develops his own interests.

    Where did you source the furniture? Was this more difficult than you imagined?
Yes it was! The one thing I really wanted to be perfect and wouldn’t compromise on was a nursing chair. I turned every baby shop in Sydney upside down and found they were all really functional and lacked the “feature chair” statement (as well as function) I wanted. It was only while I was in Melbourne on holidays that I saw the perfect chair in a boutique baby shop in South Yarra (they now sell them in Sydney!). It was perfect and I have so many precious memories already in that chair, I am so glad I waited to find the perfect one.
Our vintage change table was also something I was thrilled to find and ended up buying it off a friend who had purchased it from a second hand store 5 years ago. I found that change tables were massive solid slabs of wood that weren’t entirely practical so really wanted something with some character and plenty of room for baskets and storage was a key consideration for us. One of the best things we did was buy a cot with a drawer underneath, it holds heaps of things without taking up any additional space. I love it!
I found Fantastic Furniture was fabulous for cheap and colourful storage solutions (such as cubes and bookshelves) too.

    What was the most challenging part of the experience?
Finding space for everything! Nurseries tend to be small and there’s so much that needs to go into them, but I’m really happy with Henry’s now that the moses basket is packed away and there’s more space in the middle of the room. We spend a lot of time rolling around on the floor in there!

6     Is there any pieces you splashed out on? What were they
My nursing chair. It is the Glider by Olli Ella ( It was a massive splurge but it was also my 30th birthday present which is how I got it over the line ;) I don’t regret a cent of it, it was handmade in the UK with love and care and it has provided the perfect seat from which to love, nurture, feed and rock my bubba to sleep through many days and nights. I love it!!

       Now that your child is living in the room, what would you say works best and what would you change?
We found that kids come with so many things you just need storage galore! So we’ve just moved our beloved changetable into storage and replaced it with a big chest of drawers that holds heaps of stuff and you can pop a change table attachment on top of. It works really well in the room.
I also found that having a dark room was pretty conjusive to sleep for Henry as a little baby so put a big black curtain up which aesthetically bothers me but helped him sleep through bright summer days so I can forgive it for looking so ugly! Would love to have some funky kids blinds made though to suit the theme of the room. 
We get a lot of joy from having a small, low book shelf in Henry’s room as he loves pulling books off it so we spend a lot of time together reading on the floor.

I’m also really pleased with the wardrobe we bought as we opted for a cheaper adult wardrobe from Harvey Norman and then added in an additional rail below the existing one to maximize hanging space given their clothes are so tiny they don’t need as much room to hang!