Saturday, 19 July 2014

Top 5 Etsy Winter Blues picks

It is coooooold outside, here are some cute little additions I've found at Etsy to get you through:

1) Neon Red Air Plant
2) Unicorn Head
3) Animal Cushions
4) Rainy Day Print
5) Cloud Mobile

Saturday, 5 July 2014

My Current Top 3 Trends in Kids Rooms

"Accept that kids rooms are changing spaces" a quote I love from a stylist-super hero Megan Mortan it rings so true. One of the reasons I love designing kids spaces is they are ever changing, living rooms in your home.  I love being able to reinvent a space as the child grows and their personality changes, keeping track of trends is a big part of seeing what people are up to what creative thinking is going on and what suppliers are coming out with to amp up our ability to create amazing rooms for our little creatures! I try to  steer clear of anything too kitchy as inevitable it probably won't stand the test of time but here are a list of my present trending crushes in kids interiors:

1. Tribal


As a huge fan of clever mumma Nicole from Alphabet Monkey I was really impressed with the recently launched range of Tribal inspired nursery linen.....It's so fricking cool! The tones that she's chosen are so easy to work with, although the range is aimed at boys it's quite gender neutral which is handy when the sex of the bub isn't yet known (happens so much with my clients)

2. Plants


Using live plants in kids rooms is just as cool as any other room, it adds some life to the space cleans the air and if you place them in older kids rooms gives them something to be responsible for. These funky Mr Moss succulents are my go-to choice, as they're relatively easy to keep alive and hard to knock over!

3. Fruity wallpaper


You may have noticed an influx of fruit inspired items for interiors in general, lots of gold pineapples, pear prints and strawberry cushions but I will this fruit salad wallpaper from Jimmy Cricket! It's so fun I yet subtle you can weave shades of green, yellow and pinks through your room.

Have you got any trends that you're crazy about right now? I'd love to hear what they are.