Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Using Texture In A Nursery

The easiest way to create interest in any space is to layer and add texture. In nursery's we are able to explore the layers of linen and patterns creatively; which is probably why I love the changeable nature of designing these spaces. 
Here are some simple ways to create some layers in your bub's room:

Don't be afraid to mix patterns on the wall and floor:
Image: Sissy & Marley
Choosing contrasting patterns will create a vocal point for both you and your baby, just be sure that your space isn't too small otherwise this effect could really shrink the room

Try softening the space by adding fur rugs and draping fabric
Image: Stokke
Your baby will love rolling around on soft rugs, and adding a soft muslin wrap over their crib will add to the feeling of dreamy opulence. You can never go wrong with white!

Use your walls to the max
Image: LookSugar Etsy Shop

Your walls can convert to being functional and layering can break it up. Try for a range of shelves, mirrors and prints.

Mix up your textures
Image: Charleston Magazine
You needn't have all the same matching furniture in the nursery- I remember being quite certain that my daughters room would be all white wood, but mixing your finishes can give it a real depth that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to work with as the child grows.

Most of all have fun with experimenting with different patterns and fabrics, remember it's your baby that will be gazing around at this room for hours on end so the possibilities are endless... Have fun with it and if in doubt hire a designer, they save you money and have extensive knowledge about what will work to maximise the use of each item you choose.