Monday, 11 November 2013

The amazing paper world of Fideli

Most of the time I am on the quest to find images that make my heart melt or sing! There are so many resources out there now for us designers and creative types it can be a bit overwhelming, but then you come across someones work that really stops you in your tracks, makes your heart beat a bit faster I had this the other day when I stumbled upon the fantastical works of Fideli Sundqvist and her intricate paper cut out worlds..... 
Her work really sucked me in thinking about all the hard work and imagination that have gone in to all these stunning little scenes she's made. How the heck does someone cut that precisely? I'm also a fan of  Rob Ryan's beautiful cut out work but Fideli's is quite something else her use of bright coloured paper and imaginative scenes really bring the paper to life.

Swedish Fideli grew up in a creative environment with her artistic mother and historian father, she started to cut paper very young and found that music also influenced and inspired her  "During one period in my life, I was completely engrossed by album-cover art," she says. "I particularly remember one cover that was made from a linoleum cut, it was a real eye-opener to discover that art form." 

Whilst studying Graphic Design and Illustration in Stockholm Fideli started to experiment with possibilities of cutting artworks and creating shadows with them. She has since gone to to produce many artworks both cutouts and illustrations and also written a prize winning book. When asked about how she makes her art she says "I start doing sketches in Illustrator to decide the shapes, colours and compositions, sometimes I sketch in print/office paper (white 80 grams paper) just to do quick tests to see how to make the shapes. To build I use coloured A4-paper around 100–200 gram." 

Fideli is inspired by everyday existence. "I think you have to give yourself a varied life, expose yourself to different types of impressions. Mostly, I think it is the work itself that gives birth to new ideas. Desire drives the work forward, as I heard someone say on the radio, and that is so true." 

Maybe I'll give cutting out something now I've had some inspiration.....


  1. Wow she is really talented, I love reading about where she got her inspiration.