Sunday, 11 January 2015

A New Year- A New Style!

Styling a room is fairly simple and always the best bit of my job! I love the thrill of putting old and new treasures together and making them a home. If you're changing a room around or totally redoing it there are a few handy hints Ive learnt along the way of Property Styling and design work to pass along to you guys….

1) Create It
Postcards, Linen Tea Towels, drawings from friends are all things we have lying around that with some magic can be zapped to create a frame able artwork, that may possibly conjure some fond memories for your little one to look at everyday. I like to keep an eye out for zany postcards at markets and tea towels that scream "I can't be used I need to be framed!"

3) Mix'n'Match It
Yes the days of boring bed linen has totally evaporated and in turn, left us with so much more freedom when choosing bedding for our kids.... In keeping with their creativity I usually like to mix up pillowcases with quilts that might not ordinarily go together, sometimes that's the best surprise to see a group of stripes offset by some snappy polka dots. This also includes your cushions and soft toys too.

2) Vignette It
What's that catchy term that stylists love to use you ask? It's just a way of putting together a few key items that will flow and look great. Doing so in a kids room can be a great way to highlight space that may not otherwise get much attention. This is always a chance to use some of their treasured toys and books so choose wisely as it can be a way of preserving their life!
HOT TIP: Shelving is always an easy area to cluster, remember KISS (keep it simple stupid)

3) Grow It
I may have mentioned this before in a previous post>> cause I just LOVE to plants…. In every room of the house including kids rooms, I usually go with succulents to keep it simple, clean and easy to keep alive. I like to plant them in quirky pots like old teapots, jam jars or cylinders: let your imagination go wild

4) Bunt It
You may have noticed that most kids rooms that are styled by children interior designers usually have a garland or two draped around the artworks? It is an easy and effective way of softening up the wall space especially if the room is a nursery where you want to evoke a feeling of whimsy. Draping the garlands around the cot always looks lovely too just make sure it's never a safety issue as little hands do love to tug on strings.

Happy styling to you in 2015! xx