Sunday, 11 June 2017

Guest blogger- Wall decals

We've had our nifty friends from Temple and Webster give us some simples tips and top 5 wall stickers for your munchkins room.

Affordable and easy to apply, wall stickers are a simple and affordable way of giving your kids room a fresh update. They can make a huge impact to the vibe in your child’s space be it bedroom, play space or communal area and they sure come in a whole load of varieties. We've picked some of our favourites that are trending at the moment:

Wall Murals

We have some awesome lifelike wall muralfor your adventurous little one. You can choose between a mini mural, half wall mural or cover one of the walls completely with a full wall mural. Whether your kid loves outer- space, the beach or hiking through the woods, there’s a wide range to suit your growing child. 


Educational wall stickers add a little fun to your child’s room whilst engaging your child. There are many different styles of educational wall stickers to keep your little one curious. Choose a world map for budding geography buffs, or alphabet wall stickers for the juniors.


 Animal wall stickers are a cute way to revamp your kid’s bedroom. Decorate your nursery with pretty butterfly or adorable penguin wall decals. Whatever their favourite animal, there’s a wide range of animal wall decals perfect for your child.


An interactive chalkboard wall decal is perfect for cheeky little ones, save your decor from their fun and games with this giant chalkboard wall sticker. Use your chalkboard wall decal to play games with your children, or for learning purposes the options are limitless.

Wall Quotes

Choose an interesting Wall quote to get your child thinking, perhaps a favourite story quote, song lyric or inspiring message. A popular choice is always their name on the door or above their cot.

Enjoy we'd love to hear your favourites!