Sunday, 8 March 2015

Top Picks from Kids Instyle 2015


We always have so much fun visiting the Kids Instyle show, meeting all the creatives behind the brands we use and seeing new product ranges is exciting! This year was no different, with a mass of things to look at and delight, here are our top 3 discoveries:

These guys really have a strong sense of colour and form- all their products are quite unique we especially fell for the animal heads and planters in all kinds of colours and styles.

Nursing chair luxe brand hobbe have managed to preview a range of comfy and modern chairs that will certainly keep new mums happy in the wee hours. I loved the range of fabrics they've used, all aim at being easy to wash and durable. Looking forward to using these in an upcoming nursery. 

Not only are the designs of the lamps from Phoebe  dynamic and interesting the simple fact that you can put WHATEVER fabric or paper in the lining of the lamp to suit the decor of the room was a bit seller for me! Imagine the possibilities… You only need an A3 printer and the world is yours. Some options that come to mind would be using maps of your families favourite countries, designing your own animals or using fonts- it's a great idea and one that will blow open the way that lampshades are used in kids rooms for sure.

Keep up the good work, girls at Kids Instyle! We hope you get to relax and plan for the next show :)

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