Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Study area essentials

A few quick ideas to simplify a child's study area....

We live in a fast paced world, with hardly any time to think about the big things sometimes in home our home lives we want changes to the design of our kids spaces to be easy, efficient & ergonomic right?
Here are a few can't go wrong ideas from me:

Limited space works best for small children:

A desk with storage underneath is paramont to reduce clutter!

Bookshelves can be used for so many interesting options

Hanging their artwork or making a simple inspiration board can be used to inspire the child to continue their work (or adult in my case!)

Lighting will play an important role in aiding your child to stay focused, especially if they're looking at a monitor for long periods. Speaking to Smart homes automator Matt from JFK Automation (AKA my husband) Halogen bulbs in down lights will be the best choice for a study area, as they radiate a nice, warm light although they aren't very power efficient. It's a good idea to add a table lamp to avoid casting a shadow over their work. LED's are now being produced to be less cold, white light in more varieties and will save money on your power bills; so that may be a good choice when they're available!

Planning this space no matter how big or small, will pay off allowing your child to have easy access to reference books or art materials setting it near a corner of the room may also allow more wall use for shelving. Remember that the space should be reflective of the child's size and also their abilities as it will increase their confidence and independence. Choosing the correct, ergonomic furniture for your toddler, tween or teenager will cause less physical discomfort them in later life, Ergokidz have a great selection of chairs.

Try not to make the space dull and boring, studies have shown that adding colour and life to the space will keep the child engaged for longer periods and encourages creativity!

Happy planning people, I hope these tips help with your next study. xx

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