Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Sophia's Room

Almost 2 years ago I embarked on my first real interior design job, my first baby's nursery! At the time I didn't know it was a she, so I wanted to go with a neutral palette but still keep it bright fun and calm.

 I firstly decided on the wallpaper, after searching high and low for perfect wall decal I figured I would take advantage of owning our place and went with the most difficult of the two, wallpaper! There is such a great range out there around the world I fell in love with a particular Florence Broadhurst design until I discover the impressive price tag... per meter?! Whaaaaat!! I then went on to fall even more in love with the Hygge & West range of wallpapers and found this adorable Julia Rothman print. This set the colour scheme for the whole room.

I came up with my first story board (that I've since tweaked to fit in with the Bright Interiors layout)

I liked the idea of using vintage furniture for the big pieces and was lucky enough to have a cot and change table already in the family, which we sanded back & repainted white. I managed to hunt down a bargain chest of drawers on eBay, which we again stripped back & painted white (not as easy as it sounds) I also found some lovely vintage handles to replace on the chest of draws.

I was lucky enough to have a talented friend make a gorgeous mobile for my baby shower:

that fit perfectly above the changing table. Sophia has spent so much time gazing above her trying to figure out all the bright patterns on the birds, it's something she will recognise forever. I plan to feature them in her toddler room later on but in a different context.

The wallpaper was quite the laborious task!.... Luckily my husband is quite handy and he You Tubed some in depth tutorials for how to prep the wall and then apply it. We were so happy with the results and need I say Sophia loves pointing at all the yellow birds around her when she wakes up!

the colour scheme should work well as we make the change over to a junior bed soon. I'm keeping my eye on the awesome new range from Incy Interiors in particular this gem.....

You can purchase the funky yellow peacock chair in the storyboard from The Family Love Tree although in the end we didn't have enough room to fit it...... but as soon as the change table is out that chair is totally in, I know Sophia will love sitting in it, as it's quite throne-like! (she's a little princess)

The rug is from here.

So my first design job went pretty smoothly all in all, it's a room I love to spend time in; it feels really bright, fun and airy the elements I really wanted to achieve.

What do you think? I'd love to get your thoughts on this room....


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  1. Love the colours and that wallpaper>> swoon!!