Friday, 19 April 2013

New inventions for your little space!

There's always fun things popping up in the world of design. I thought i would share a few new finds that will make a someone's room even more special.....

Thermo Rug

yes, you heard correctly, this carpet has special technology in the fibres that can sense temperature fall & rise and will change colours throughout the day! Cool.... can you imagine a child transfixed on their carpet for the day? Way to keep them entertained
Check out the amazing creator of the Season Carpet here:

Magnetic Wallpaper

Made from sustainable paper this is a revolutionary idea, where your walls are just a blank canvas for your child's imagination  The creator supplies a range of cute English themed magnets that will keep them entertained for days while keeping the theme of the room elegant.

Buy them here

Eco friendly playhouse

Can you imagine your tike's spending countless rainy days enjoying the fruits of creative play, as you enjoy your new puppet show theatre.....

Secret hiding spot/ tree house/ shop the list goes on! These boxes of joy are all made from sustainable forest wood and printed with non-toxic dyes, plus they come easily flat packed for your enjoyment. Best of all they're all around the $80 so won't break the bank!
Check them out

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