Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Nursery Spotlight: A facelift on Co-sleeper Bassinets

After the birth of your child you more than likely don't want them to be far away from you for very long, that's why the uprising of co-sleeper beds are becoming so popular. The ease of being able to get baby from bed to boob is one of it's many benefits enhancing bonding and easing the whole transition easier and hopefully maximising sleep for everyone! 

The days of bulky ugly bassinets seems as if they're coming to an end with the release of this stylish Nordic co sleeper is from the UK by Bednest, you can buy them in Australia from
 Danish By Design for around $600. It's easily folded down and for travel and can be used with both sides up as an independent bassinet if you prefer.

One of our favourites OlliElla have released a super cute harlequin print especially for these beds that we adore....

So sweet, your bub is bound to be one happy little chappie being so close to mummy and rocking these cool sheets


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