Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Xmas guide-> kiddos decor gifts for under $50!!

I know right?! You've probably seen about a million gift guides already but I thought I would cater  mine specially for those out there in need of kids decor, without breaking your piggy bank; I've also made sure that you will plenty of time for delivery time, as I know from experience-that can be a mega stressful wait if the cut off it too close to your big Christmas-day!

Let's get this straight, Christmas time is really only made for the kids in the world isn't it. When you spend it with the little ones it just takes you back, to how amazing and magical this time of year was when you were small. The joy and wonder on their faces is priceless, unfortunately the gifts you buy them will not be.
Personally, I really enjoy reading through the masses of carefully curated gift guides, the more specific the better I say! I need as much help as possible sourcing the perfect presents for family and friends and am looking forward to doing it all this year in the comfort of my own home & leisurely visiting my favourite local shops, to make sure the presents I buy this year are something special, and aren't mass produced crap that the recipient can buy any time of the year! phew ok enough of my ranting, here it is:

Rain Cloud Wall Stickers

Wire Storage Baskets


Ice-Cream magnets

Fergus the Frog Knitted Toy

$19.95 each

Robot switch sticker




What have you got on your wish list this year? I hope this helps makes things a bit more fun for your shopping needs, and wish you a Very Merry Christmas xoxoox

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