Friday, 28 March 2014

DIY- a funky paint dipped stool

I love the range of paint dipped furniture coming out in stores, but definetly not their price tag! $199 for a simple wooden stool? Crazy..... So I went and made my own ikea style.

 Here are 7 simple steps to making your own and so easy you can do it over a couple of days.

You will need:
Painting tape
Paint brush
Paint Primer
Spray paint 

My inspiration:

Firstly buy your own Ikea "Frosta" stool for $14.95

Then select your favourite spray paint colour I chose Seaside gloss make sure you select a high gloss or otherwise you will need to add a layer of varnish after your paint.

Then dismantle the stool taking all four legs off and tape where you would like the paint to end. 

Sand back the untapped area of the stool. Now paint a layer of primer to the legs and the top of the stool:

Leave to dry.

Then lightly sand the primer and spray your paint on. I used two coats on the legs and three on the top and leave to dry:

Screw all four legs back on the top when dry and hey presto:

You now have a funky new paint dipped stool for under $30!!!

What do you think of the final result?

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