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Colour: and it's effects on a child

Choosing a colour pallet for your child's room or unborn child's nursery brings with it a multitude of decisions and challenges but what influence will it have on them if any?
Colour has been proven to affect our moods & behaviour whilst also stimulating our brain & imagination, it can even have ill effects on our health. Millions has been poured in to researching this area and the results may surprise you.....

When we think of warm colours, they elicit thoughts of happiness & cosiness, bold reds, oranges and yellows can stimulate our minds & energise our bodies which is a plus and negative depending on what time of day it is for our child!

Mellow yellow
is a popular choice for a gender neutral room and promotes happiness and motivation. Bold yellow stimulates memory & amazingly increases our metabolism, while soft yellows enhance the memory.

Spaces  ~Bright yellows in kitchens & study stations  ~Soft yellows in nurseries

This yellow pastel is sparingly used so as not to overwhelm this nursery, while adding a positive fresh vibe

Racy red:
Highly charged: red excites, energises & gets our blood pumping! It can even raise our blood pressure & respiration.

Spaces~ Playrooms & certain outdoor areas

Mixing reds and oranges adds to this vibrant playroom

Uber Orange:
Orange has a uniquely social nature inviting communication and putting us at ease, its inherently friendly and welcoming characteristics can create stimulating environments but watch out!!... too much will push a little mind in to over drive!

Spaces~ Playrooms and kitchens

This popular trend adds that quirky vintage feel to a room that I love, used correctly it will add the right amount of pizazz to any space

Pink lemonade
Universally used as a banner of girlishness, pink creates a calming atmosphere and evokes femininity. Interestingly though, despite its initial calming effect, pink can become irritating over time, and can lead to agitation and anxiety. While your princess may love this rosy hue now, be prepared for her to reject it in the future.

Spaces~ Bedroom

Rather than coat the entire room in pink, choosing a few key pieces can subdue the effects that pink can have

Cool colours have a tumbling effect of relaxation and clearness of mind; think bamboo forests and rolling waves. Often used to calm us and create a cold crisp room, cool colours are usually best paired with neutrals to soften this effect. On the flip side darker hues can place on us broodiness and depression, so use this sparingly.

Groovy green
Associated with health, well being and nature, green calms us and can be used to create serene and peaceful surroundings. It has been proven to relax body and mind, reduce anxiety and centre concentration, it has also been suggested that exposure to green can enhance our reading ability and comprehension. Surely this is under appreciated in a children's room!

Spaces~ Studies and nurseries 

Elements of green can be used for girls or boys and sets a mood of calm and concentration in this study

Purple haze
Traditionally purple was used in property as a sign of royalty and prestige, it assumes a luxurious feel and combines the calming effects of blue with the strong energy of red. Wisdom and spirituality identify largely with purple and is used in places of mediation, it has also been used to symbolise magic and mystery throughout the ages.

Spaces~ Libraries and bedrooms 

Creating a moody, reflective space can be just as fun as a nursery.  An older child might need a separate room to have some peace and quite during times of stress such as exams or family break ups(or the parent who may need it just as much!)

Blue sky
Blue is easy to guess, it has many attributes, the main one is instilling a sense of calm, it can also refresh us in a humid climate and it reduces the effects of anxiety and aggression. It may be beneficial for a child who has difficulty sleeping to spend some time in a blue room.

Spaces: Outside areas, study spaces and bedrooms

Using an aqua hue you can create a fresh, coastal feel by painting and picking appropriate furniture to match

What's your favourite colour to use in a child's space? Have you had any personal experience where a colour has changed your child's behaviour?

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