Saturday, 13 July 2013

Top 5 picks of the... month!!

So growing up is hard sometimes isn't it? Reaching huge milestones and developing skills (almost everyday for toddlers) is a lot to take on. As a parent you want your child's room to help this process and provide a place of solace but also inspire some imagination, so this month we look at the ideas of themed rooms. It's a bit daunting looking at the kaleidoscope of "themes" happening out there, a little too jam packed. Often it's easier to go with a simple colour theme but we hand picked a few simple but effective themes that might challenge you a bit and get your creative juices following.....

1) Round the world room

This cute 4 year old's room is kept simple with the collection of cool vintage maps on one wall & ties well with the splashes of red, just the right amount of theme here.

2) Circus wild room

Feel the life bouncing out of this room, there's a certain method to the madness of matching the stripes, zigzags and colour pops see more here

3) Cartoonish room

If you are wanting to try out the bold concept of cartoon wallpaper this black and white village may blend in more with cute white furniture and bright toys, done by Mr Perswell

4) African safari

Subtlety is mastered here by balancing a neutral palette with dabs of safari dreaming put together by the amazing New York design duo at Sissy & Marley

5) Rainbow bright


Rainbows are a popular way to introduce colour but can be very overwhelming in a small space; i really like the way that this room doesn't overdo it and also manges to fit in a special castle tower!! How fun would that be to sit in & read your favourite fairy tales? A DIY breakdown can be found on this fab Swedish blog

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