Saturday, 20 July 2013

Top 5 Picks!

We are smack bang in the middle of Winter & damn if it isn't  ICE-y? Might be best to focus on making our little ones as snug and cosy as possible....

1. Cloud Cushions

Float away to another planet aboard this cute cloud pillow, perfect for cuddling & making bedtime fun

2. Merino Blankets

This soft and funky throw will no doubt keep someone bundled up nice and warm also the great colours should add a sunny warm glow

3. Hot Meercat

Every kid needs their own warm meerkat to cuddle up to right?! Well, this guy will do just fine; made for the 3+ year old it's sure to cheer them up when the cold gets them down.

4. Dinosaur jacket

I need one of these babies for myself!! Crafted entirely of felt and wool this amazing coat may be a challenge to get off.

5. Night Light

Never underestimate the power of lights for kids! Although cute and a bit of fun these lights can make them feel safer if fear of the dark is an issue.

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