Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Radiant Orchid making a splash in kids rooms

So Pantone choose its colour of the year- a vibrant hue of purple. Admittedly at first i wasn't so keen on the particular tone of this colour but i've since found a fondness for it, using it sparingly with dashes just here and there is actually a lovely thing to introduce in a child's space. We are seeing it pop up here and there across the kids spectrum.  Be sure to mix with blues and greys and pinks to contrast it, rather than going overboard.

You get a real sense of oriental majesty with this use of bedding, orchids do grow best in warm climates

A splash of this sweet birdy blanket from Ferm is sure to add depth to bedding

These new wall decals ad soft tones of purples by the kings of whimsy Love Mae

This radiant wallpaper uses pattern and texture to balance the wall by Donna Frasca

Using pillows and knobs in the hue can add vibrancy and fun without being overbearing, as seen in this Finnish kids room photographed by Dwell

Subtle shades of purple are used sparingly in this french room, greys and pinks are used to compliment them

Dashes of these funky Poms Poms are bound to incorporate a punch of Radiant Orchid

Vibrant hues dont have to be gender specific and can really add some life to artwork as shown by this retro illustration i love from Elisabeth Brozowska

Working with different hues of purple can be overstimulating but definitely eye catching!

Blending Greys works so well with purple in typography too, these sunshine prints from Etsy

If you're game enough to painting your walls with the amazing colour be sure to break it up with white furniture.

What are your thoughts on introducing a radiant splash in to your littles space?

This is about as radiant as our house gets with purple....

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