Wednesday, 11 June 2014

How to: Ombre Drawers

      Such an easy concept to add a bit of uniqueness in a room, ombre dresses look fantastic in a nursery or kids room and the best part is it's extremely easy to do it yourself.

I wanted to create a yellow ombre for Sophia's chest of drawers, as she's now a toddler I redesigned her space to transform the room from a nursery to a little girls space. Working with what you already have is the best bet as long as your pieces are functional and useful.

This was the white chest of drawers in her nursery

Firstly I choose my Taubman's colour pallet of yolky yellows:

Then I took out the drawers, screwed the handles out and sanded them back with a light sandpaper. Poured the three tones of yellow paint in to three separate paint trays and grabbed a narrow roller for the edges and a wide roller for the face of the drawers.

I waited a couple of days for the paint to dry and replaced the handles (I'm still on the look out for some new funky handles) and hey presto….


This project literally took me two days to complete, now theres a project I know I'm going to complete…

You like? Stay posted for our next instalment of easy DIY tricks for your kids room

BI xx

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