Sunday, 31 August 2014

Creative Father's Day Ideas!

Next Sunday is time to celebrate the mega-superstars that our dad's play in our lives, but it shouldn't mean we have to fork out a fortune for the sake of advertising and their guilt trips! I've found Father's Day a hard holiday to celebrate for more than half my life, as my dad passed away just before I turned 13. So it was always a time to reflect on how I missed him; the lead up to it would always be tough watching all the commercials on TV about how great dads are and how much we love em… Meeting my husband was great on a few levels, as I scored a pretty spectacular father in-law and  then with birth of our daughter two years ago I've been able to join in the fun of the day again, it's quite lovely to take the time to congratulate her daddy on what a great job he does!
So this year I've put together a little creative list of fun things to do with your dad & gifts that might mean the world to him....

Weather permitting a fun picnic out is usually what we end up doing on these kind of occasions, we'll be sure to have some craft beers, smiths chips and the paper! 

Handmade cards:
These are pretty much mandatory right? I remember making little flicker books for my dad with activities and cut out pieces, i know he kept them all my mum still has them, cards are the best!

Some ridiculously disgusting dish that he loves but never gets, such as this winning combo:

Daddy Books:
This is on our list this year, so many of the story books we read are always heavy with the mummy being the main character, so it's nice to have dad's involvement....
here's a wee selection of tales, always get a good deal here

It may sound like a corny Dad thing to do but hey it's super fun! Also living in Sydney we are a bit spoilt for choice, plus it really is great bonding activity- going fishing as a family. You can always throw the poor fish back in if it's too small or you prefer to, after all that's not really the point of it all is it?
A map of the best fishing spots in Sydney is here

Personalised vouchers:
We started this tradition on our first fathers day as a family, we included things like- breakfast in bed, a massage and a sleep-in which are very high commodities in our house, as I'm sure they are in yours too!
there are some cute ones here

Uber cute photo-shoot:
Grab some banners, chalk, costumes…. Hell let your imagination run wild, with a little shoot of his favourite people giving him love shout outs....


Especially awesome for daddy's first Fathers Day! Some cute options at Etsy

Whatever you do I hope you have a great day!... and just remember if you don't happen to have a daddy in your life, not all is lost there's plenty of other cool people in this world who are there! xx

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