Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Etsy's Christmas pickings

Tuesday last week I got to drop by the Esty studio to indulge in a little Early Christmas persusing for Etsy.  It was a great morning to see firsthand what some of the clever Etsy kids have been creating, and also the chance to talk to a couple of the artists. Obviously I needed to test out the delicious array of food; it being a Christmas do and all….. Mmmmm mini bagels, meringues and donuts are always a favourite in my mouth. I know I can hear you asking Christmas, really already (i have inbuilt speakers mind reading speakers in your device) But let's face it people, it's August and pretty soon things are going to get crazy; so these are just a few hints at what might make an extra unique pressie this year.

Some snaps from the action:

Some of my personal finds for the day fitting for kids decor were:

Lovely Jo Olive from this funky letterpress outfit is busy thinking of cool new designs of cards, prints and garlands to pretty up and space. 

I loved this idea from clever crafter ….. special little bags of cross stitching goodness! What a fantastic present for someone who has it all! I have one that ill be working on in the next fews weeks, let's see how it turns out!

Hope you got some new ideas for your gifts this silly season (i know it's too soon but really is it?!)

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