Sunday, 22 March 2015

Easter Gift guide- 2015

I'm not sure what your Easter traditions are but I'd be lying if I said I don't now look forward to our annual Easter egg hunt: now more than ever because my daughter is just at that age where it will blow her mind to look around for chocolate delights! Sometimes it makes more sense to give non sugary treats and this is what we have kept in mind when choosing this special Easter Guide for you guys! We tried to include things in a range of prices and will definitely last you long after all of the wrappers have disappeared.

For the little ladies:

From left to right:
Pink Bunny Pom Pom Playsuit $45
Rabbit faced Booties $44.95
Bunny Snuggle Cushion $89
Bunny Mask and Tail $6
Pastel Easter Wreath $24.95
Bunny Wall Decal $189
Bunny Wall Knob $16
Bunny Poster FREE!!

And the Mini gentlemen:

From left to right:
Chicken cushion $99
Rabbit mask & Tail $40
Egg blanket $99
Blue Bunny harem pants $40
Mint Bunny $21.95
Bunny garland $20
Bunny slippers $29.95
Mint bunny print $15^

Whatever you choose to do on your Easter long weekend we hope you have a smashing time!!

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