Sunday, 17 May 2015

Doll House Renno

I was given my old dollhouse back from my sister after her two kids had enjoyed the house too, and decided to give it a much needed upgrade to 2015 after seeing over 30 years of wear and tear.... I'm not going to lie, the house was a shambles, windows all busted, floors all cracked the roof collapsing it was the ghetto of doll houses. It needed a facelift and it needed it yesterday and hey we had the dough to do it (how I wish the same could be said of our actual home hehe!)

This is the original house:
I told you it was a mess.....

First stop was to take apart the whole house and rebuild the window frames and eaves and then give the poor house a big sand down:

Once this had happened we were able to select the colour palette I opted for grey, white and aqua on the exterior and white and wallpaper on the interior. I was so stoked to be able to use this roll of wallpaper from Pulp Creative Paper I had been holding on to for years that I loved but could never find a home for!
with spray painted the shutters, front door and decrotive eave mouldings (god i love spray paint!)

We then sanded back all the inside of the house and stained the wooden floors a darker tone, in a gloss stain which gave the interior a real boost and we knew would also protect the house for many more years of playing to come.

Tah-Dah! I brand new bitching house:

The house keeps getting filled with random hobos we pick up along the way and is greatly aided by my dear friend who happens to work for Sylvanian Families (totally connected!) I freaking love how excited Sophia is to play with it everyday, she sits and imagines all kinds of dramas going on in her little house just like i did and her niece and nephew too- so cute to carry something special like a dollhouse on through generations. Who knows what it'll look like in another 30 years, maybe flat screens and hover beds?! 

Long live the awesome power of the imagination xx

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