Monday, 4 May 2015

Illuminating Phoebe Lamps

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you may have seen some recent photos of a lovely watermelon lamp I received from Phoebe Lamps. My daughter loved it but I was also excited by the prospect of being able to change the lining of the lampshade whenever we like due to it's cool design!

 I had a little chat to Åsa one of the founders to get a bigger picture of what they are all about.

What inspired you to start Phoebe Lamps and what were you doing prior?

We were design graduates back then (Peter, Architecture and Åsa, Product Design) and we had already begun collaborating on design projects The Phoebe lamp concept was inspired by ideas around adaptable lighting and at the time we were playing around with lighting using various materials readily available to us. The lamp started selling, first at a design shop in Brisbane where we were living at the time, and then it just gained momentum. We knew early on that we wanted to have our own creative studio and Phoebe Lamps was our first step towards that. Today Phoebe Lamps is part of our multidisciplinary studio Where North Meets South, based in Adelaide.

What has been the biggest challenge in beginning your business?

As we started it out as recent graduates we knew very little about business in general but it has been a great learning experience. Being involved in every step of the business as we both still are; from design to manufacture to marketing and sales, was probably the biggest challenge.

Who is your biggest influence in the design world?

We would say Marimekko with their strong pattern based product ranges; elegant and vibrant at the same time. The dual heritage (Scandinavia and further East) is represented and brings a difference to their work, which we as an Australian/Swedish duo can relate to. Their commitment to sustainable values is also inspiring.

What are your dreams for Phoebe Lamps?

We would with our collaborations with designers, artists and illustrators to continue to push the boundaries for what a lamp is or can be. And to one day expand internationally as we do believe there is a huge potential for the product also outside Australia.

What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

The ocean!

Check out their cool collection and see why they'd make an awesome addition to your home. They just happen to be having a huge 20% off Mothers Day sale for another 2 days!! Wooohooo! Better be quick......


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